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Yeison Raul Reyes Rodriguez
A Los Toros Beca Student Graduates and Sends a Message of Gratitude
June 11, 2016: “Today I fulfilled one of my goals and that is to become an electrical engineer. This would not have been possible without your economic and moral support. You know that I have infinite gratitude for all your help. It is always good to let you know that we (Beca students) appreciate all the love and unconditional support given to us and the whole community (Los Toros). Many of us have managed to graduate with your contribution!  

Thank you, thank you for your help!”  
-Yeison Raul Reyes Rodriguez 
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This 29 year-old has spent much of the past nine years in pursuing a degree in electrical engineering. During that time he also was the first to accept the responsibility of managing the finances in Casa San Jose (CSJ). This in itself is a tremendous undertaking requiring the procurement of condo operational needs and their payment, dispensing individual student monthly allotments, providing monthly reports to the St. Joseph Beca Committee and resolving any issues at CSJ that might occur.  

CSJ is family of 12 Beca students attending the local universities in Santo Domingo, the capitol of the Dominican Republic. In the condo, the students assume all responsibility for running the household including shopping, cleaning, cooking and offering support to each other, just like our families here in the parish. 
The St. Joseph Los Toros Beca Committee would also like to thank all the parishioners and others who so faithfully give continued support for this program that enables so many youth from Los Toros to achieve their educational goal. At present we have 30 students in the Beca program who receive scholarship money according to their needs and we continue to support large numbers of individuals pursing an education through food and housing programs and bus transportation. The hands of Christ are truly open to all. 

-Judy Wendtlandt, Beca Committee Chair.  
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The CSJ Path to a University Education  
“I would like to share a day of my life at Casa San Jose, which I love to define as an adventure. Well, the week starts full of surprises for me, since I can apply my knowledge obtained throughout the weekend and the semester.” 
“Monday I usually get up at 7am to go over all the tasks to deliver that day. After taking a shower I go to class with faculty Juan Isidro Jimenez (J.J.), since I have my first class of the day, French, from 10am to 1pm. Then back home for lunch and stay at home until 3pm because I have Dominican Literature l, the second class of the day beginning at 4pm to 6pm and then an hour later follows Social Psychology from 7pm to 10pm. Then back home for dinner and then do my homework while I share with my family at Casa San Jose to relax and rest. To end the day, I go to bed at 1am.” 
These are the words Juan Esteban Ledesma shared to describe a typical day for him. Juan is a third year university student from Los Toros with a scholarship (Beca) through the Los Toros Mission of St. Joseph Parish. He is studying languages. He shares space in Casa San Jose (CSJ), a condo also provided by the Los Toros Mission, with eleven other students from Los Toros. They are located just two blocks from UASD, the major public university (Universidad Autonoma Santo Domingo, with an enrollment of 200,000). He is an excellent student carrying a load of 28 credits this semester. 

Juan Esteban Ledesma - One of the Los Toros students receiving a Beca, is majoring in languages.
Like the other students, he takes his turn with household duties and cooking while living at CSJ. When he is home in the village of Los Toros during school breaks, he serves as a translator for participants from St. Joseph’s who are visiting Los Toros on mission. Juan is just one example of the many, skilled and intelligent youth from Los Toros who are grateful for the opportunity the Los Toros Mission offers to earn a university degree and learn a skill that prepares them for a productive, rewarding career.  
Juan Esteban describes a typical day that is possible for him only through the Beca program. He receives one type of Beca scholarship that we are able to provide – a full scholarship with room and board at Casa San Jose. Another student who receives a different type of scholarship will share a typical day in a future article.  
Your continuing donations to the Beca program and the Los Toros Mission make it possible for Juan Esteban and the 28 other students with Becas to tell their stories of hope and gratitude as they work to prepare themselves for a better life with the help provided through the St. Joseph Parish Los Toros Mission.  
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Judy Wendtlandt