Los Toros Azua, Dominican Republic - St. Joseph Grafton, Wisconsin USA
January 2016 Mission Trip
Los Toros Mission Report
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THE CONTAINER SHIPMENT: arrived with no breakage. Clothing, hygiene supplies, sewing machines, and dental and medical supplies for the clinics and for the Promotoras prenatal care were unpacked. Baseball equipment (face masks, batting helmets, shoes, caps, gloves, bats and balls) was given to the coach of the teams – ages 8 through 16. Whiffle balls and bats, softballs, caps and volleyballs were given to the schools. It brought tears to our eyes to see the happiness of kids with flip-flops being able to wear their first pair of cleats! Soon after, we saw many pick-up games in the side streets. 
Mike Younger and Ignacio repaired the fence and put vandal-proof shields on the exterior lights, repaired window louvers and fixed a long ladder used for repairs in high places. The new Los Toros Foundation Office in the Library (Biblioteca) has been painted, a quote has been received from a local carpenter for a table, and the lighting will be repaired. Don Kabara and Bla will install a new computer and create a foundation email address. Beca students will supervise the office. 
THE CHURCH: Mike Younger and a group of young adults repaired and painted all the pews. A local contractor installed new tile on the back wall of the sanctuary to replace cracked tiles.
HOMES – (Hogares): Construction of one home is starting thanks to the generosity of a sponsor. A second home for another family can begin after this one is completed. Partial assistance for five additional families and cement floors for four more families was pending approval. 
SEWING CENTER – (Costura): The sewing machines arrived without damage. Three will be used in the sewing center and the others will be sold to sewing center students with the proceeds kept for future Costura supplies. Help for plumbing repairs and paint for the bathroom building next to the sewing center was requested. This building serves both the sewing center and the library. 
BECA STUDENTS: Twenty-seven Beca (scholarship) students interviewed with Judy, Mike and Mirella DeLeon (LT Beca Committee). Most are doing very well, carrying 20+ credits each semester and eager to complete their programs on time. All are committed to community service in Los Toros. These students have made commitments to help others struggling in classes through tutoring and study groups. 
Thanks to the students, the Mission House was sparkling and all the shrubs had been neatly trimmed when we arrived. Three students served as interpreters for meetings. Wilmen Ledesma offered the use of his nearby internet café for emailing, scanning and printing as problems with the Mission House internet connection were not yet resolved. He also assists Beca students in their reporting to our Beca Committee at St. Joseph’s. 
We also met with the group of students living in Los Toros who are taking classes at the major university satellite campus in San Juan. They are looking for a larger apartment to rent as the present Pension (Guest House) is too small to accommodate the many students who need to stay in San Juan overnight because of night courses needed to complete their degree. 
Don Kabara held an hour long seminar for eight students, highlighting strategies for success in the university. 
CASA SAN JOSE: At CSJ in Santo Domingo furnishings are minimal. We viewed the need to replace tile in the master bathroom. Students need shelving. Mattresses need repair or replacement and the inexpensive broken plastic chairs need to be replaced with more sturdy ones.
Thank you again for your prayers and support. Want to help with the mission? Our committees here could use your time and talent. Contact Judy at rwendtlandt@wi.rr.com for ideas on how you could be of service.  
Dios los bendiga! God bless you! 
- Judy Wendtlandt, Beca Committee chair, and January 2016 Mission Trip leader