Los Toros Azua, Dominican Republic - St. Joseph Grafton, Wisconsin USA
Photo to the left: The committee planning for the YAME trip
Los Toros Mission - Young Adult Mission 2017!
We invite all adults and youth of St. Joe’s to join us on our 2017 Young Adult Mission that will take place May 23rd - June 6th! We do have some people that are not staying the full 2 weeks so if you would like to come and leave earlier that is fine! Spanish skills are helpful but we will help you and work with you if you don’t speak Spanish!  
YAME offers a unique opportunity to experience a foreign country and a different culture as well as a chance to grow in your faith through the experience of working at our mission. All of our past participants have experienced a new dimension in their lives and reflected that in their personal growth. 

The mission trip is being led by Cathy and Socrate Mateo Zayas. We work hard but also have lots of fun! Some of our projects this year are: English Classes, Dental Programs, Cement Floors, Evangelization, Children’s Camp, Computer Classes, Mother’s Day Celebration and so much more! Come and join us! Want to help but not sure where you fit in? Feel free to contact me and talk about it! 

For more information:
 Contact Person: Cathy Mateo Zayas.
E-mail: cathymateozayas@gmail.com
Phone: 262-720-1884  
Mission Objectives
Nuevo trabajo y metas e objetivos por YAME 
  1. Ensenar niños in tercero e cuatro nivel de primeria como leer y escribir. 
  2. Juntar con Los jóvenes a estudiar un poco de la biblia y a asistir en sus reuniones de discusiones. 
  3. Hacer visitas a los enfermos. 
  4. Continuar con los cursos de ingles en tres niveles, primero, secundario y jóvenes por la noche. 
  5. Continuar con la programa Dental. 
  6. Continuar con clases de computadora. 
  7. Continuar nuestra colaboración con Los jóvenes de Los Toros
Volunteer Committment to join YAME
  1. Doing the preparation for the mission experience which includes attending orientation and planning meetings.  This includes about 3-4 meetings that take a total of 8-10 hours. 
  2. Doing the necessary planning and preparation for the project assigned to you; e.g. teaching English, computers, etc. and this takes about 20-30 hours. 
  3. Working at improving Spanish skills - 2-3 hours per week.
  4. Packing of supplies - about 6-8 hours.
  5. Los Toros meetings and project work average about 10 hours a day during mission trip.
  6. Post trip work such as project reports and reunion meetings - about 6 - 8 hours.
Oración de Paz - de San Francisco 
O Dios, haz de me instrumento de tu paz 
Donde haya odio, siembre yo amor; 
Donde haya injuria, perdón 
Donde hay duda, fe; 
Donde hay desaliento, esperanza 
Donde haya sombra, luz; 
Donde haya tristeza, alegría 
Divino maestro, concédeme que no busque 
Ser consolado sino consolar; 
Ser comprendido sino comprender 
Ser amado sino amar; 
Porque dando es que recibimos; 
Perdonando es que tu nos perdonas 
Y muriendo en ti es como nacemos a vida eterna. 

Zika Virus in Caribbean
 The USA CDC has issued advice about Zika: 
 Advice about avoiding mosquitoes who transmit Zika: